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Since 1994, the professional staff of North Florida Cave Training has been committed to providing every customer with the finest in dive education, equipment, and dive travel; all with unequaled personal service. We believe the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the “extra” we do for our customers. We are here to help you make informed decisions that enable you to attain your personal diving goals, while meeting your personal financial needs. We have safe, high quality diving equipment in all price ranges. We guarantee our service, our equipment, and our prices.
You can train with confidence at North Florida Cave Training!

We sincerely appreciate your business, loyalty and support. Most of all, we value your friendship!!!


Become part of an international community and enjoy a lifetime of excitement. Scuba diving is becoming increasingly more popular. Equipment is now safer, more comfortable, and more user friendly than it has ever been. The education we can offer you at North Florida Cave Training is second to none. Our instructors remain on the cutting edge of training. Whether you want to cruise along a reef in the Caribbean or penetrate a 2000 foot Northern Florida Cave system, North Florida Cave Training can take you there safely. We have the staff and facilities to make you the safest most confident diver you can be.

We certify through the following agencies:

  • NAUI
  • SDI
  • TDI
  • PADI



Whether you need a dive buddy on your solo trip, a new open water experience, or an expert to lead you through a new cave system, we are there for you!




Divers must rely on equipment to keep them safe in the underwater environment. We pride ourselves with the ability to customize equipment needs to the individual. Understanding that each diver has different anatomical needs and still able to keep equipment safe is key to a safe diver.

Below are some of the Systems we have available for purchase. NOTE: We have options for every budget. If you do not see what you like or need, please contact us!

Safe SCUBA System – $999.00 (with wrist computer $1,275.00)

The Safe Scuba System is an affordable system for the recreational diver who does not want to sacrifice quality.

Includes: Complete Air Delivery System, Integrated Buoyancy Compensating System, Information System(SPG and Depth Gauge)

Caribbean System – $2,600.00

Free Open Water Class With The Purchase of This System

The Caribbean System is a one time commitment for gear you will need for this equipment intensive sport. The individual Systems are upgraded from the basic systems found in the Safe SCUBA System.

Includes: Complete Air Delivery System, Integrated Buoyancy Compensating System, Information System(Wrist Computer, SPG and Depth Gauge), Explorer System, and Dive Duffle Bag

Surface Support Systems

Surface Support Systems

Explorer System – $350.00

The Explorer System is for those students who are planning on become certified divers and previously certified divers. This system will last for over a decade and is designed for specifically for SCUBA.

Includes: 100% Silicone Mask, 100% Totally Dry Snorkel, 5mm Hard Sole Boots, Open Heel Spring Strap Diving Fins, 3mm Full Wetsuit, and Mesh Dive Bag

University System – $279.00

The University System was designed for our college students who are planning on become certified divers, but might not have the funds for the Explorer System. This system will last for years of utilization is designed for specifically for SCUBA.

Includes: 100% Silicone Mask, Conventional Snorkel, 3mm Ankle Boots, Open Heel Diving Fins, 2.5mm Full Wetsuit (Up-gradable to 3mm for $25), and Mesh Dive Bag

Snorkel System – $99.00

If you are not planning on becoming a certified diver we recommend this system. Continuous use of snorkel gear with dive gear causes the system to wear before its time. Snorkel gear is designed for Snorkeling.

Includes: 100% Silicone Mask, 100% Silicone Snorkel, Open Foot Snorkel Fins, Over-the-Shoulder Mesh Bag

Exposure Systems

Water takes away your body heat 25 times faster than air. To be comfortable in the water you must have an exposure system. Also, having your own wetsuit guarantees cleanliness.

Systems are listed by those used in tropic water temperatures first then those used for colder and colder following

Full 1mm Skin – $85.00

Shorty 2.5mm Wetsuit (front zip) – $99.00
Shorty 3mm Wetsuit (back zip) – $110.00

Full 2.5 mmComfort Wetsuit (front zip) – $149.00
Full 2.5mm Wetsuit (back zip) – $149.00

Full 3mm Wetsuit (back zip) – $179.00

Full 5mm Comfort Wetsuit (back zip) – $275.00
Full 7mm Comfort Wetsuit (back zip) – $365.00
Colder water systems available, contact us for options and prices

All prices/components subject to change for any reason