Timmy Young

Owner – Instructor

Timmy was the owner of Dive Tech and Sports which opened in the Spring of 1994 and has been kicking ever since. He began diving in 1989 and became an Open Water Instructor in 1993. He noticed that improvements needed to be made in the way students are taught how to dive. Timmy believes that each student should be thoroughly trained and self sufficient.

In 1995 Dive Tech was the first shop in West Virginia to begin teaching and blending Enriched Air/Safe (Nitrox) Air. Timmy has since become an Instructor/Trainer for NSS-CDS, NAUI, TDI, SDI, PADI, and IANTD. Timmy was the only Cave Instructor in the state of West Virginia and is very active in the cave community, has recently became a member of the NSS-CDS Training Board.

Now his dream of moving and supplying North Florida with quality education has come true. In November 2019, North Florida Dive Training opened. North Florida Cave Training is part of this company offering exceptional overhead training.

The opening of North Florida Cave Training continues to evolve his transformation. Continuing his dedication to training, he is now at the student’s beck and call. Available for training on the student’s schedule, not his own.