Autumn Jefferson

Manager – Instructor

In 2003, Autumn was trained and certified in SCUBA by Timmy Young at Marshall University. Shortly after her certification, she decided that becoming a Zoologist was going to take too long and decided to throw caution to the wind and become a SCUBA Instructor. In 2004, Nekton Diving Cruises was her home with only 2 hours a week on land and the remainder of her time in the ocean. After her stint in the Bahamas, she came back to WV to work directly with Dive Tech and Sports. Spearheading training at both Marshall and West Virginia Universities, education was her calling. While an adjunct professor at WVU, she pursued a degree in education, graduating in 2018 with Bachelors’ in Teaching.

With over 15 years managing Dive Tech and Sports, she moved with the business(and Timmy) to continue her passion for quality diving education in North Florida. Autumn specializes in patience with students and the ability to solve the unsolvable!