SCUBA Instructor Training

Whether you choose to continue your education, start a new career or add something wonderful to your life by working part-time, being a dive professional is a very rewarding experience. With SCUBA Instructor Training, you can share the love of the underwater world! As a dive professional you can help the diving industry continue to grow and thrive. Each new person that you train is a potential long-term customer for you, as well as the diving industry as a whole. By being a dive professional you will have what it takes to develop committed, lifetime divers.

When was the last time you said, “I love my job!”? Go PRO and you’ll be saying it all the time. Ditch the nine to five office job. Live your dream by transforming the lives of others while teaching scuba diving lessons.

So you’re ready for the next step and to get the chance to introduce new divers to the sport of Scuba diving, see the looks on their faces the first time they breath underwater or see things they have only seen in movies and on TV. Maybe you want to become an Open Water SCUBA Instructor to start or change careers or so you can travel the world. Our SCUBA Instructor Training will teach current Dive Masters or Assistant Instructors the knowledge to safely function as an Instructor.


Varies on Instructor Level and Agency

Instructor Levels Available

  • Open Water Instructor
  • Nitrox Instructor
  • Gas Blending Instructor
  • Decompression Procedures Instructor
  • Advanced Nitrox Instructor
  • Extended Range Instructor
  • Advanced Wreck Instructor
  • And More!

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