Technical Sidemount Diver

Sidemount, a distinctive scuba diving configuration, situates tanks alongside the diver—below the shoulders and along the hips—instead of on the back. Embraced by advanced cave divers, it eases penetration of smaller cave sections and enables seamless tank changes. Its appeal extends to open water and technical divers, particularly those grappling with the weight of double tanks in cave diving.

Embark on this captivating underwater journey, unlocking possibilities as you attain certification as a Technical Sidemount Diver. Armed with finesse, skills, and confidence, navigate the depths with assurance.

Tailored for passionate divers, the Technical Sidemount Diver Course hones in-water skills and introduces enthusiasts to technical diving. This course accommodates a diverse audience, encompassing individuals seeking skill expansion and certified divers exploring various equipment configurations.

Are you ready to become a Technical Sidemount Diver?

Prospective divers, aged 18 and holding Open Water Scuba Diver certification, should consider Intro to Tech unless experience deems it unnecessary.

In this Course, participants cover gas matching, cylinder options, and sidemount challenges. Skills include propulsion techniques and tasks like unclipping cylinders and executing gas switches.

Upon course completion, divers can engage in unsupervised sidemount diving within specific limits aligned with their certification level.

To earn Technical Sidemount Diver certification, participants must complete drills and dives safely, demonstrate mature judgment, uphold environmental awareness, and log all training dives diligently.




2 Days

Technical Course Questionnaire

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