Cavern Diver

In this course, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the safe exploration of cavern environments, all while adhering to specified limits. Emphasis is placed on equipping divers with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate these unique underwater spaces responsibly. The ultimate goal is to empower divers with the competence to explore caverns securely and enjoy the extraordinary beauty these environments offer.

Start on an immersive journey as you explore the wonders beneath the surface with our Cavern Diving Course. Specifically crafted to mold you into a skilled Cavern Diver, this program transcends traditional lectures, providing a mix of dynamic field exercises, open water drills, and a minimum of four awe-inspiring cavern dives. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of underwater caverns while navigating their intricate landscapes.

This course places a premium on honing essential skills vital for Cavern Divers. It emphasizes meticulous planning, precise procedures, and the adept deployment of reels and lines. Dive into a world where environmental awareness, propulsion techniques, buoyancy mastery, and effective problem-solving seamlessly become second nature. The curriculum, tailored to address the specialized needs of cavern divers, also includes thorough coverage of equipment modification to ensure you are fully equipped for this captivating underwater adventure.

Throughout the course, we meticulously cultivate and establish your minimum skills, knowledge base, dive planning abilities, and problem-solving procedures. By the end, you’ll possess the fundamental abilities required to safely and confidently navigate the captivating world of cavern diving. Highly recommended for those aspiring to elevate both comfort levels and diving proficiency, becoming a Cavern Diver serves as your gateway to an enriched underwater experience. Dive into the extraordinary and enhance your scuba journey with this transformative course!



Time Commitment

2-3 Days, Depending on prior experience


Minimum: Open Water SCUBA Diver

Additional certifications may be required dependent on agency requested.

Technical Course Questionnaire

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