Jason Mitchell

Certification Since: June 2011
Highest Recreational Cert: Assistant Instructor
Highest Tech Cert: Stage Cave Diver
Favorite Dive Memory: I’ve had so many. One that sticks out is a dive I did with Timmy towards the end of my Full Cave training course. We went down the mud tunnel as a test of my buoyancy control. It was during that dive that things “clicked.” I knew what it felt like to be a good cave diver. He admitted to me that not many students were able to cleanly dive that tunnel without silting out the bottom. It was during that dive that I gained my confidence in a cave. 
Why I dive with North Florida Cave Training: From the very beginning, Timmy and Autumn set a standard of excellence. Having worked for other dive shops, they are truly some of the best instructors in the business. They foster a sense of belonging and family when you train with them, and they have trained some of the best divers I’ve ever dived with. To this day, if I need advice about gear, training, or need some advice about my own diving, I refuse to turn to anyone else.