Lauren Borho

First Certified: 2019
Highest Certification: Dive Master, Open Water Instructor by 4/30/21
My Favorite Dive Memory: My favorite dive was my first dive. My father is a commercial diver, so my first experience was setting up a compressor and diving a Kirby Morgan. It was only a pool dive, but being able to breathe and speak while underwater was incredible. That experience certainly began my pursuit of diving in many forms, and stimulated my desire to bring other people into the hobby.
Why I Choose NFLCT: I began diving with North Florida Cave Training while attending WVU in hopes of pursuing a career in scientific diving. I was fortunate enough to also be picked up as a teaching aide in the process and after getting to know everyone, I haven't wanted to go anywhere else. The level of experience and knowledge is top tier, and the patience for all of the questions I've had along the way is greatly appreciated.